Seiko Y975-0A00 Watch Guide

The Seiko Y975-0A00 is a watch model based on the Y975 movement.

Parts List

45MS0NV1crown - crown
45MS0NW1crown - crown
0A3100B01case back gasket
AN71Aband - other band
AN72Aband - other band
AN73Aband - other band
AN74Aband - other band
13SC04XAothers - second hand
0351793others - winding stem
09E52FMothers - (hand(special))
09E52FPothers - (hand(special))
0351794others - winding stem
09E52FXothers - (hand(special))
09E52FYothers - (hand(special))
12C50FCMothers - minute hand
AD006BA12others - crown gasket
12CA0FCHothers - hour hand
12CR2XCHothers - hour hand
12CR2XCMothers - minute hand
12CR2XDHothers - hour hand
12CR2XDMothers - minute hand
12CR2XRHothers - hour hand
12CR2XRMothers - minute hand
13SC06XDothers - second hand

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