Seiko Y302-0A10 Watch Guide

The Seiko Y302-0A10 is a watch model based on the Y302 movement.

Parts List

280P04LN03crystal - crystal
6K45M2SMW1crown - crown
FH2980B01case back gasket - case back gasket
86177921crystal gasket - plastic gasket for crystal
86179271bezel gasket - plastic gasket for bezel
70V5JMband - band
70V5JM-LK5band - link
70V5JM-BKBclasp - buckle
70V5JM-PB1clasp - parts for buckle
3AA125F2ANSothers - second hand
0801959others - date dial
0866621others - holding ring for dial
A190BSothers - push pin
Y3020A10XB13others - dial
Y3020A18XB13others - dial
Y3025others - machine code
82812420others - case ring
Y3020A1061others - case
82293189others - bezel
0351625others - winding stem
EA0040B0Aothers - crown and stem gasket
1BG080L2BCCothers - hour hand
2BG120L0BCCothers - minute hand

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