Seiko Monster complete guide

Seiko Monster Blue Coral

Appearing for the first time in Japan in 2000, with the references SKX779 (black dial) and SKX781 (orange dial), these diving watches with a “grotesque” appearance immediately divided enthusiasts. Renamed Seiko Monster because of their design, they are loved by some and hated by others, and over the years they have been able to attract the attention of many collectors. In this guide we will see all the models released …

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Grand Seiko Movements

Grand Seiko

This is a list of all Grand Seiko movements. 3180 57GS Mechanical Manual 1960 430 57GS Mechanical Manual 1964 4420 44GS Mechanical Manual 1967 6245 62GS Mechanical Automatic 1967 6246 62GS Mechanical Automatic 1967 1964 19GS Hi-Beat Manual 19GSR 1968 4520 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 45GS 1968 4522 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 45GSC 1968 6145 61GS Hi-Beat Automatic 61GAC 1968 6146 61GS Hi-Beat Automatic 61GAW 1968 4580 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 4580 1969 …

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Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Presented in 1998 and introduced on the market in 1999, Spring Drive movements have become over the years one of the highlights of the Grand Seiko brand. This unique technology, the result of decades of research and development, masterfully combines the art of mechanical watchmaking with the precision of quartz. Index History of the Spring Drive How does it work Early Spring Drive watches Caliber 9R65 Caliber 9R66 Caliber 9R86 …

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Grand Seiko 95GS

Grand Seiko SBGS001

The 95GS is the first family of Grand Seiko quartz movements, introduced in 1988. There are two 95GS movements, the 9581 (no date) and the 9587 (with date). A total of nine 95GS references were produced. Every part of the watches was manufactured in-house, including the quartz crystals, grown in Seiko’s own facilities. 9581 9587

Seiko SKX Diver’s Complete Guide

Seiko divers SKX

The Seiko SKX watch line, introduced in 1996, encompasses a wide range of models characterized by the use of the automatic 7S26 caliber. The series features watches designed for various purposes, ranging from the classic Seiko 5 to professional divers with a water resistance of 200 meters, and extending to sports models with 100 meters water resistance. This guide focuses on certified diver watches, namely those in the SKX line …

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Grand Seiko 56GS complete guide

Second in variety and number of models only to the 61GS series, the 56GS family consists of three automatic calibers: 5641A (no-date), 5645A (date) and 5646A (day/date). 56GS No-Date Caliber 5641 Ref. 5641-5000 (56GA 046) Movement: 5641Type: automaticJewels: 25Bph: 28.800Case: 18k gold The technique used to create the dial of this watch was taken as a model for the creation of the Snowflake. Ref. 5641-7000 (56GA 010) Movement: 5641Type: automaticJewels: …

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Grand Seiko 19GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 19GS

The Grand Seiko 19GS family originates from the Seiko 1944 caliber, the world’s first Hi-Beat movement for women’s watches, running at 36,000 bph. Considering that there were no other Hi-Beat movements of such small dimensions at the time, it is likely that these were also the most accurate mechanical women’s wristwatches in the world. The first appearance of a 19GS in an official Seiko catalog is in the first volume …

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Grand Seiko 45GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 45GS

The 45GS is a family of hi-beat manually wound watches, produced by Daini Seikosha between 1968 and the early 1970s. There is a total of three movements in the 45GS family: 4520A – time only 4522A – date 4580A – time only V.F.A. (Very Fine Adjusted) The 4580A V.F.A. was one of the world’s most accurate mechanical movements at the time. 45GS Time Only This series of watches was based …

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Grand Seiko 44GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 44GS

The 44GS series was developed by Daini Seikosha, based on the movement originally introduced in 1964 with the King Seiko Chronometer (ref. 4420-9990). Taro Tanaka and the Grammar of Design Thanks to the contribution of the designer Taro Tanaka, the guidelines of the “Grammar of Design” are introduced, which will define the Grand Seiko style from that moment on. The model with reference 4420-9000 is the first Grand Seiko to …

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Grand Seiko 62GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 62GS

Launched under the name of Chronometer Seikomatic, it was promoted to Grand Seiko following the introduction of the Grand Seiko Standard, which exceeded Swiss chronometric standards. The first automatic Grand Seiko The 62GS was the first Grand Seiko available with automatic winding. There are two versions of the caliber: 6245A with date, and 6246A with day and date. 62GS Calendar Ref. 6245-9000 (Stainless Steel) Movement: 6245Type: automaticJewels: 35Bph: 19.800Case: stainless steel Same …

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