Seiko Slim Turtle 6309

Slim Turtle 6309

In 1982, Seiko introduced the 150m Slim Turtle divers with the automatic caliber 6309 to the export market, the same movement used for the export versions of the Seiko Turtle. In this guide, we will explore the history and features of all the known models in this series. Index Introduction to the 6309 divers The series of automatic 6309 divers started with the Seiko Turtle in 1976.While the Turtle version …

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Seiko Slim Turtle 7548

Seiko divers 7548

In 1978, Seiko introduced the first 150 m diver’s watch with quartz movement in history, the 7548 Slim Turtle, alongside the 600 m and 300 m quartz divers launched the same year. In this guide, we will examine all the known variants of the 7548 divers, produced until the mid-1980s. Index The origins of the Seiko Slim Turtle The first Slim Turtle series, based on the quartz caliber 7548, was …

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Seiko Transocean complete guide

Seiko Transocean

Seiko Transocean watches were introduced to the market in January 2016, presented as watches with a sporty-elegant design suitable for every situation, including city life and office work, but with all the features of professional divers. The careful design is complemented by high-quality materials: a bezel entirely made of ceramic, sapphire with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface, steel (titanium for the Spring Drive models) with Diashield treatment. Seiko Transocean …

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Seiko Diver’s Chronological Guide

Seiko Diver

The world’s first diver watch featuring a Hi-Beat movement, the first to sport a titanium case, and the first equipped with a quartz movement: these are just a few of the numerous pioneering achievements by Seiko, accomplished over decades of research and development in the field of underwater timepieces. In this guide, you will discover the diver watch models arranged in chronological order, with a focus on those of the …

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