Every Grand Seiko Diver’s Watch Ever Made

Grand Seiko Diver's Watch

In 2008, the first Grand Seiko diving watches were introduced: the reference SBGA029 (9R65-0AM0) in stainless steel, and the SBGA031 (9R65-0AN0) in titanium, both featuring the Spring Drive caliber 9R65. The creation of these watches find its roots in the long journey Seiko started with the 62MAS in 1965, and in the progressive improvements to get closer and closer to an ideal of perfection. Although Grand Seiko diver’s watches have …

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1936 Yamada Seiko Catalog

1936 yamada seiko catalog

In the mid-1930s, Seiko became for the first time the largest watch manufacturer in the world, surpassing Waltham and the SSIH group (Omega-Tissot). The Yamada Watch Shop, founded in 1872 and still in business today, was part of Seiko’s authorized dealer network. This is the December 1936 issue of a catalog published by Yamada Watch Shop. Most of the wristwatches presented feature Nation and Moeris type movements.

1969 Seiko Catalog Supplement 2

1969 Seiko Catalog Supplement

In the Seiko Catalog Supplement of 1969 we see for the first time a variety of Grand Seiko watches presented with stainless steel bracelets. Several King Seiko models were also introduced, and the Presmatic line made its debut. Seiko Catalog Index Men’s watches Grand Seiko King Seiko Chronometer King Seiko Presmatic Lordmatic Fashion Watches Other Automatic Pocket Watches Women’s watches High-end Seiko Bracelet Seiko White Lady Sports Calendar Manual Fancy …

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Grand Seiko 61GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 61GS

The 61GS family, developed by Suwa Seikosha, has the largest number of models in the vintage Grand Seiko range, with a great variety of designs, and only a few of them following Taro Tanaka’s “Grammar of Design” rules. In terms of accuracy, the 61GS family movements can be divided into three groups: Calibers 6145A and 6146A were regulated within the parameters of the Grand Seiko Standard, which at the time …

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Grand Seiko 57GS complete guide

Grand Seiko 57GS

The 57GS, developed by Suwa Seikosha, is the first family of Grand Seiko watches, introduced in late 1960 with the Grand Seiko Chronometer, commonly known nowadays as the Grand Seiko First. The Grand Seiko 57GS family consists of the following movements: Caliber 3180, later renamed 5720A, was accurate to within +12 to -3 seconds a day, running at 18,000 bph with 45 hours of power reserve Caliber 430, later renamed …

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Seiko Cocktail Time

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time

The Seiko Cocktail Time series was born from a collaboration with one of the best bartenders and mixologists in the world, Ishigaki Shinobu of the Ishinohana Bar in Tokyo. At the launch of the series in 2010, three models were available exclusively for Japan. Among these stands out the Cocktail Time “Cool”, reference SARB065, which over the years has grown in popularity among Seiko enthusiasts all over the world, becoming …

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Seiko SARB complete guide

Seiko SARB

Seiko SARB is a line of watches introduced in 2006 and based on the 6R15 automatic caliber. Although it was mainly aimed at the Japanese market, the SARB line became popular in many countries around the world, especially thanks to the SARB033, SARB035, the Alpinist SARB017 and the Cocktail Time SARB065. The origin of the SARB series The first SARB watches appeared in the second volume of the Seiko 2006 …

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Seiko 62MAS complete guide

Seiko 62MAS

In July 1965, the Seiko 62MAS was introduced to the market.Seiko’s interest in water-resistant watches actually began several years earlier, with a number of models that are commonly referred to as pre-divers. However, the 62MAS is considered to be the first true Seiko diver’s watch, capable of ensuring water resistance for dives up to 150 meters deep. Index Introduction The 62MAS first appears in an official Seiko publication in the …

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Seiko Monster complete guide

Seiko Monster Blue Coral

Appearing for the first time in Japan in 2000, with the references SKX779 (black dial) and SKX781 (orange dial), these diving watches with a “grotesque” appearance immediately divided enthusiasts. Renamed Seiko Monster because of their design, they are loved by some and hated by others, and over the years they have been able to attract the attention of many collectors. In this guide we will see all the models released …

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Grand Seiko Movements

Grand Seiko

This is a list of all Grand Seiko movements. 3180 57GS Mechanical Manual 1960 430 57GS Mechanical Manual 1964 4420 44GS Mechanical Manual 1967 6245 62GS Mechanical Automatic 1967 6246 62GS Mechanical Automatic 1967 1964 19GS Hi-Beat Manual 19GSR 1968 4520 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 45GS 1968 4522 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 45GSC 1968 6145 61GS Hi-Beat Automatic 61GAC 1968 6146 61GS Hi-Beat Automatic 61GAW 1968 4580 45GS Hi-Beat Manual 4580 1969 …

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